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SIMPLE DISCIPLESHIP is for every believer!

Here at LSBC, we believe that every Christian is called to a lifelong journey of discipleship with Christ. 


Many who come to know the Lord desire to grow in God, but are unsure how to go about it.

Simple Discipleship is a process that any one can embark on, to grow from strength to strength in faith and relationship with God.

Simple Discipleship is...



It is a journey with Jesus Christ that is centred on our relationship with Him and our identity in Him.



It is a journey of allowing ourselves to be changed and shaped by the Lord across our entire lifetime. 

A Holistic


On this journey, we continually receive God’s love, truth and grace and respond with love that is expressed through obedience, service and sacrifice.

A rewarding journey that leads us to life eternal and life abundant

Our final destination is our heavenly home, where we would appear before the Lord Jesus to receive the eternal reward according to the things we have done in our life journey (2 Cor 5:10).

The reward on this side of eternity is the joy of walking with Him and being renewed in Him (Col 3:10) to grow in Christ-likeness. 

As a Simple Discipleship Church, LSBC encourages all church members, regardless of age or maturity in faith, to plan for our own growth as disciples of Christ. 

The 4 Essentials of Simple Discipleship provide a framework for us:

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