How would you describe yourself?

The words I would use would be a “passionate investor in life.” I believe in investing in my life, be it in education, health or spiritual walk. But more than that, I believe in investing in other lives too.

How has being a Senior Pastor impacted you?

Being a SP has caused me to be ever-growing and constantly upgrading. I truly believe that I’m a better person today than I was 5 years ago. Growing means to learn, do, and change my character more. Throughout the years, I’ve had to refine my teaching methods and even my personality to ensure that I’m always improving for the better.

Senior Pastor

Living Sanctuary Brethren Church

Lawrence Chua

What do you value most?

I value relationships the most. Be it relationships with family, colleagues or speakers, I want to maintain a friendly relationship that is not just “hi-bye” or purely transactional. I also value my relationship with God. I believe God cherishes my relationship with Him and I treasure the fact that He is my Father.

What makes a good church?

To me, a good church is a balanced church. A balance between the word and Holy Spirit, between joy of fellowship and seriousness in work, and between being an inward looking church and outward outreach. Our church has found something very exciting which is SDC (Simple Discipleship Church) because we have finally found a simple way of ensuring that the church is well balanced!

A word with our Senior Pastor


Elders Board

Lawrence Chua
& Cindy
Kelly Choo
& Beng Hoon
Tan See Chuan
& Cerina
Patrick Wong
& Winnie
Melvin Gan
& Wendy
Kevin Loy
& Tina
Edwin Ho
& Eunice
Chris Koh
& Stella
Stephen Choy
& Kian Bee
James Lee
& Sharon

Pastoral Team

Lawrence Chua

Senior Pastor


Roland Ho

Zone Pastor

Maryanne Tan


(Youth Church)

Patrick Wong


(English Service)

Zachary Tan

Zone Pastor

(Young Working Adults)

Jasmine Fu


(Children's Church)

Susan Ho

Executive Pastor

Elizabeth Thia

Assistant Pastor

Pamela See


(Community Pastoring Ministry)

Tan Kwee Choon



Zone Pastor

Susan Choo



Kelvin Poh


(Special projects)

Dong Y.K.



Josie Sim



Elaine Chua 蔡开燕


(Chinese Church),

Zone Pastor

Jane Hui 许锦红

Zone Pastor

Angeline Quek 许俊凤

Zone Pastor



Stella Tan

Executive Director

Church Address

Bethesda Ground

2 Hougang Street 22

Singapore 538728

Office Address

Block 247

Hougang Avenue 3


Singapore 530247