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LSBC Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Policy

The Singapore Government requires all organisations to obtain explicit or implied permission prior to storing and using personal data provided by individuals. In accordance with Singapore Law, here are our PDPA policies:


Your personal data and likeness may be obtained through photographs, audio recordings and/or video recordings as you attend any of LSBC's events or activities, both within and outside of LSBC grounds. In addition, you may be asked to furnish any other personal details as required for any future activities or events that you choose to sign up for.

Photographs and videos may be taken of you while you are in our church premises or at our church event. By entering our premises or participating in any LSBC-organised event,  you are giving us consent to use such recordings of you for security, publicity and/or archival purposes.


Your personal data will be stored locally in both our office servers, as well as on the google cloud servers and accessed via GSuite. All personal data will be kept securely with only authorised personnel being allowed to access, modify or remove any data. Any physical copies of personal data will be kept under lock and key, and access restricted to authorised personnel.


The personal data that you provide to us in this form, as well as future forms, will be used solely by LSBC unless permission is given for specific third parties to use it for the purposes of administration and/or event organisation. Your personal data will help us in organising and managing activities, events, classes, and courses while you are worshiping in LSBC.


At any time, you may write to us to amend and/or remove your personal data that is stored with us. However LSBC is not liable for any incorrect information that is provided. Upon receipt of your written request, please allow us twenty (20) working days to make the necessary amendments/deletions.

Frequently Asked questions

Who has to fill in this form?

Every person who is worshipping in Living Sanctuary Brethren Church is required to fill in this form.

What should I do if I do not agree with any of LSBC’s PDPA policies?

You may write to our PDPO or email to

How can I find out more about LSBC’s PDPA policies?

If you have any enquiries about our PDPA policies, please email our PDP officer at

How can I request for LSBC to delete any information that is collected of me?

You may write to our PDPO or email to

How can I change any information that I have given to LSBC?

You may write to our PDPO or email to

What is this form about and why must I fill in this form?

The information you provide in this form will enable LSBC to have your record in our system to facilitate your participation in church life. Your permission is needed for us to obtain, keep and use this information, as per our PDPA policies. Submission of this PDPA form is a prerequisite for everyone who is participating in any of LSBC's activities.

For all enquiries, you may contact our Personal Data Protection Officer (PDPO), Mr David Chin, at:

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