• 1965

    Bukit Ho Swee Mission

    8 young teenagers from New Bridge Road Gospel Hall, including Lawrence Chua and his older brother decided to start an outreach work at the Bukit Ho Swee estate. They went to knock on doors, distribute gospel tracts and invite the children to Sunday School. They also provided free tuition to children and, with the little money they had, occasionally gave practical help to families in financial difficulty.

  • 1973

    The Church at 105 Holland Road

    Members of Bukit Ho Swee Mission and New Bridge Road Gospel Hall began worshipping together at Holland Road Chapel. Attendance grew steadily from 25 to 70 members in 1982. The name of the church was subsequently changed to Exodus Brethren Chapel.

  • 1982

    The Move to Pasir Panjang Hill

    Together with 3 sister churches, Exodus Brethren Chapel moved to a joint church facility at Pasir Panjang Hill.

  • 1993

    Revival at Church Camp in Melaka

    Members of the church began to pray desperately for a revival. The Lord heard their cry. His answer came through an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit that began at the annual church camp in Melaka.

  • 1995

    A Living Sanctuary

    The church had gone through a profound change in its spiritual atmosphere and the revival had revitalised the lives of members. The conviction grew to rename the church to reflect our joy and excitement. We saw ourselves as spiritual “living stones" - vibrant and alive with joy and excitement. The word “sanctuary” evoked in us the image of the dwelling place of God.

  • 1995

    The Call To Hougang

    Senior Pastor Lawrence Chua received a rhema word of God calling the church to move to Hougang where He would give us the land. The church put in a bid to tender for a church site in Hougang St 22. With the favour of God, members of the church were able to get this piece of “promised land”. The price difference between our bid and the next highest was also the smallest in difference in bids that the Housing & Development Board had ever known at that time.

  • 1997

    The Beginning of Community Pastoring (CP)

    Sunday, 12th October 1997 was a historic day for the church as it was the first Sunday Worship service held in the new church building at 2 Hougang St 22. The presence of God was keenly felt by those who attended service that day, as well as the Sundays to come.

  • 1997

    Living Sanctuary Moves In to Hougang

    The first CP gift was presented to the community, in the form of an unique LSBC umbrella. The church officially started CP as a form of outreach to connect with residents in the heartland of Hougang. To this day, LSBC continues to advance to fulfill our God-given calling and mandate to love the people of Hougang, bless the community and carry forth the gospel with deeds of kindness.

  • 2012

    Simple Discipleship Church

    The Simple Discipleship Church was birthed as a model of discipleship that would guide every member on a rewarding journey with Christ for life. It would also integrate Community Pastoring with biblical discipleship as a process for every believer to grow and mature in the Lord.

Church Address

Bethesda Ground

2 Hougang Street 22

Singapore 538728

Office Address

Block 247

Hougang Avenue 3


Singapore 530247