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The kindergarten provides a 4-hour daily preschool programme catered to children aged 2 to 6 years old. LSK envisions happy and confident learners as our dedicated staff facilitates learning. With this child-centred vision, it channels its resources and continually innovates to delight the learners and help them develop a passion for learning. 

Session Timing for 2022: 8.15am - 12.15pm

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WMP was conceptualised in 2018 to meet the needs of children who have the time and capacity to learn beyond the formal curriculum hours. The programmes for Nursery, K1 and K2 and designed with each group of children in mind. There is a focus on learning Chinese through stories, rhymes, and games. There are interesting English lessons such as 'Idioms for Everyday Use' and games that integrate Numeracy, Literacy, Music, Life Skills and Gross Motor skills.

Programme hours: 12:15pm - 4.30pm 

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One of LSK's long term goal is to prepare each child for primary school. Children who need further support in reading are identified as early as K1 and a special programme called TAP is implemented for these children. A specialist teacher coaches 1-3 children during each session and sessions are held on a regular basis. Teachers, on the other hand, teach sight words regularly throughout the year to help children read as emergent readers. 

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Show an interest in the world they live in.

Conduct simple investigations to find out why things happen.

Develop a positive attitude towards the world around them.

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Living Sanctuary Brethren Church,

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