Teachers’ Day Celebration 2017

At LSK, we believe that children are active, competent and curious learners.  This year, we empowered our children to plan and execute activities for their teachers on Teachers’ Day.  Everyone played a part in surprising the teachers on this special day.

We are so proud of how these young children could organise themselves into teams and assign different roles so as to run a successful event.  They displayed teamwork, co-operation, confidence and creativity that amazed the teachers who not only enjoyed the games, but were also so pleased that their daily efforts in nurturing dispositions and imparting skills in the children have brought forth sweet fruits.

ECDA Outstanding Centre for Teaching & Learning Award

This montage showcases the teaching and learning practices in LSK.  Children can be seen actively engaged at the various learning centres.  At LSK, we are committed to delivering high quality early childhood care and education that benefits young children and their families.  The award is given in recognition of the outstanding efforts and creative ideas our staff display in their daily teaching.